There are many ways seniors can strengthen their immune system on a daily basis. More often than not, the things senior individuals put into their bodies is just as important as the activities they partake in throughout the day.

With a great supply of immune-boosting foods and other standard practices, seniors can enjoy the many benefits that come with having a strong and healthy body. As times like flu season come and go, a healthy senior’s immune system will continually fight off infections and other ailments that could have drastic consequences otherwise.

Get a better understanding of how to strengthen a senior’s immune system, the best immune system boosters for seniors and find out exactly what you can do to help them maintain their overall health.

How to Boost the Immune System in Seniors

Learning how to boost the immune system in seniors will help them live a healthier life and enjoy successful aging. By being consistent and following effective routines that include simple lifestyle changes, this can easily be achieved every day.

Elderly Hygiene Cleanliness Important for Immune System

Basic Hygiene

Daily practices such as washing hands, showering, bathing, and staying well-groomed are pivotal immune system boosters for seniors. These are habits that we learn as kids but often take for granted as we get older. The more often seniors can make these customs a regular part of their routine, the more likely they will avoid getting sick.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking good old-fashioned H20 is easily the most natural and simple way to boost the immune system in seniors. While a wide range of doctors and health professionals have offered suggestions for the exact amount of water to drink every day, the right amount always depends on the person. You could certainly follow the standard recommendations of between 9 to 13 cups per day or simply drink when you’re thirsty and stop when you’re not anymore.

Quit Smoking

While people of all ages would see rapid improvements in their health by quitting smoking, this is easily one of the most effective steps for seniors to strengthen their immune system. People who stop smoking typically see a boost in their energy level and are able to breathe more easily throughout the day. On top of that, they will instantly lower their odds of getting cancer, having a heart attack or stroke, as well as avoiding lung disease.

Yoga for Seniors: Healthy Exercise Options

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity rates continue to rise year after year and seniors are not immune to this statistical increase. For a truly healthy lifestyle, seniors must reach and maintain a healthy weight with limited body fat. Staying fit is yet another way to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and beyond.

Minimize Stress

The mental weight of stress can have a devastating impact on a senior’s immune system. Stress can stem from feelings of loneliness, isolation, financial burdens, family problems, and more. Oftentimes, the best way to counteract stress is with caring companionship, fun activities, and time with family or friends.

Get Enough Sleep

Professional health experts say seniors should anywhere between 7-8 hours of sleep each night to remain alert and have energy throughout their day. And while elderly individuals tend to be the most susceptible to issues like insomnia and other sleep disorders, following a healthy routine during the day can greatly prevent these problems. To avoid these concerns, seniors should consistently go to bed and wake up at the same time.

Seniors Spend Time Outside Every Day

Spend Some Time Outside Every Day

Spending time in nature has been proven to minimize stress, prevent depression, increase cognitive function, and boost energy levels. Seniors can enjoy the outdoors through a wide variety of activities including walking, gardening, picnics, and more. It’s even better if they spend this time with friends and loved ones.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Among the most powerful immune system boosters for seniors is maintaining a nutritious diet through good foods, drinks, snacks, and supplements. Boosts like Vitamin C pills or orange juice are a great way to promote a strong immunity to disease, illness, and other basic discomforts.

Blueberries, Yogurts, Veggies - Immune Boosters

Best Immune-Boosting Foods for Seniors

There is a long list of items that elderly individuals can add to their diet will help them strengthen their immune system. The most efficient foods are highly nutritious and provide good sources of vitamins and minerals like fiber, protein, calcium, and others. Removing processed foods and items heavy with carbs and sugars will provide an added boost to any senior’s diet.

The top immune-boosting foods for seniors include things like fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, nuts, legumes, and the other sources found in this list.

  • Blueberries: The ultimate choice for antioxidants, which promote immune health, fight off viruses, and help with overall wellness.
  • Citrus: Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and other citrus fruits are a great way for seniors to get their Vitamin C.
  • Yogurt: Great source of probiotics which is good bacteria that helps to fight off disease and illness.
  • Whole Grains: Effective sources of fiber like whole-grain bread and rice are good for the digestive system, making it easier to flush out toxins.
  • Almonds: As one of the most effective immune-boosting foods for seniors, almonds are a strong source of Vitamin E and other healthy fats.
  • Eggs: This popular breakfast food is a common go-to for protein as well as important vitamins and minerals.
  • Garlic: Though not a common food to eat on its own, garlic can be added to dishes as an extra source of immune-boosting power.
  • Broccoli: Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli are another great way to add fiber and B Vitamins like folate into a senior’s diet.
  • Spinach: Considered by many to be a “superfood”, spinach is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, making it another ideal food for boosting a senior’s immune system.
  • Green Tea: While it isn’t technically a food, green tea is by far one of the best ways to get antioxidants into your diet.

Learn More About How Seniors Can Strengthen Their Immune System

Eating good food and remaining active are only a couple of aspects that are crucial to keeping a senior’s immune system working effectively. By following essential hygiene tips, avoiding stress, and getting plenty of sleep, seniors will be able to live longer and feel better.

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