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Meal Planning Services for Seniors in Santa Cruz

The process of planning meals and cooking food becomes much more difficult when you get older. It takes time, patience, and energy that many seniors don’t have anymore. Pacific Angels Home Care is here to make this task much simpler by providing helpful meal planning for seniors as well as meal preparation.

The physical challenges that elderly individuals face when it comes to planning out their meals is often enough to make them avoid it altogether. They then choose to either skip eating or simply order fast food that is unhealthy and detrimental to their health.

We understand the assistance that seniors need for meal planning and prep, along with the encouragement to eat healthy, wholesome foods. That’s why our in-home care providers also help with elderly meal planning.

Meal planning for seniors services

What Does Our Senior Meal Planning & Prep Include?

At Pacific Angels Home Care, we won’t simply be making prepackaged frozen microwave dinners that are fattening and loaded with starches or salt. While our caregivers aren’t professional chefs, they are trained to create nutritious and beneficial meals for your senior loved ones. To make everything as easy as possible, our in-home care services provide:

  • Grocery shopping: They will pick up the necessary food and supplies to make sure the fridge and cabinets are always stocked.
  • Healthy recipes: Our senior meal planning services include easy-to-follow recipes with nourishing entrees, sides, and drinks.
  • Cooking: Not only will we prepare meals for the elderly, but we’ll even cook everything right there in the home for your loved one.
  • Cleanup: Once the meal is over, we will clean up the mess and leave the kitchen in the same condition as when we arrive.
  • Leftovers: We also create freezer-friendly meals that seniors can easily heat up on their own at times their in-home care provider isn’t around.

Importance of Maintaining a Proper Diet

Elderly individuals need specific nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. Among other things, the most important aspects of a proper diet for seniors include fiber, protein, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D. We consider these factors as part of our meal planning for seniors.

Members of our staff will also follow the dietary restrictions and recommendations provided by your loved one’s healthcare provider to ensure each meal fits their precise nutritional needs. We’ll make sure your family member is receiving proper nourishment as well as staying hydrated through our effective meal prep for seniors.

Nutritious food helps keeps the mind sharp. Elderly individuals will see increased mental awareness, better memory, and higher brain health.

Healthy seniors will have a better chance of avoiding sickness, infection, and other diseases. They will also recover from illnesses more quickly.

From their kidneys and liver to their eyes and their digestive system, healthy meals make all of these organs work more effectively.

As their reflexes slow down, seniors are more likely to stumble or fall. With proper nutrition, they can be stronger, avoid fractures, and have better mobility.

Does Your Elderly Loved One Need Help with Planning & Preparing Meals?

Whether your family member simply needs assistance as they prepare their own meals or they want someone to take over the whole process, Pacific Angels Home Care is here to help. We provide a wide variety of great-tasting meals for seniors that will save them time and energy.

The food we make is healthy and smells great providing additional motivation for your senior loved one to give it a try. Plus, our caring companions give them someone to talk to and enjoy their company while eating.

If you’re interested in meal planning for seniors, let us show you all the benefits and services we have to offer in Aptos, Monterey, and Santa Cruz! Call Pacific Angels Home Care today at (831) 612-6435 or take a moment to complete our brief online contact form.

Meal Planning & Preparation Services for Seniors

Providing Meal Planning Services for Seniors in the Santa Cruz area

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Yes! We would love to prepare your loved ones meals for each day to ensure they stay properly nourished and hydrated. 

Of course! Please let us know beforehand if you or your loved one is allergic to any particular foods so that we can make sure to not purchase or prepare those items.

Yes, this is quite a common request. We are more than happy to prepare meals that are soft and easy to chew or entirely liquid if that is easier.

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