If you or a loved one requires non-medical in-home care, then it is available from a trained caregiver. This variety of assistance is primarily designed as companionship for seniors rather than providing for the medical needs of an elderly client.

This type of care is available part-time while a spouse or an adult child is away from home, but it is also possible to arrange 24-hour elderly companion services from multiple caregivers. This offers an assortment of benefits for older adults who have mental or physical infirmities.

Here is a list of benefits from hiring a knowledgeable in-home caregiver.

1) Safety and Security for a Loved One

When you must leave your home for a few hours to complete errands, you will want to know that your loved one is safe while you are gone. A senior citizen with mobility issues or dementia shouldn’t remain alone for long because of the dangers from falling or because she can become confused by her surroundings.

In addition, older adults often become targets of predators who want to take advantage of their inability to understand the dangers from permitting a stranger into their homes. In some cases, a senior citizen will receive a telephone call from a scammer who is trying to access her bank accounts. Having a caregiver in your home can protect your loved one from a variety of dangers.

2) Recovering Faster from an Illness or Injury

When a senior citizen is recovering from an injury or an illness, it is essential that she rests so that her body heals faster. A caregiver can lift the physical burden from a senior citizen by performing household chores such as vacuuming floors or washing dishes.

The caregiver can also take a senior citizen to her medical appointments, shop for groceries or prepare meals. If the senior citizen needs help with bathing, brushing her teeth or dressing for the day, then the caregiver is there to help with these requirements. This helps the senior citizen to concentrate on recovering from an illness or an injury.

Prevent Loneliness with Elderly Companion Services

3) Preventing Loneliness that Leads to Depression

Many senior citizens have lost their spouses, and they may not have any nearby relatives. This can lead to loneliness, and some experts believe that this is a dangerous feeling for older adults. Some senior citizens become depressed from their isolation, and if they have a health issue, then leaving a home is difficult.

Fortunately, there are compassionate caregivers who enjoy being around a senior citizen who wants to talk about her past. A caregiver can provide valuable companionship for a senior citizen by participating in her hobbies, reading a book to her or playing a board game.

4) Peace of Mind for Family Members

If you have an elderly parent or grandparent, then you may worry constantly while you are working. Having a responsible caregiver in your home can relieve your anxiety about an infirm senior citizen who has problems using her walker after having hip replacement or who is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

When a caregiver is at your loved one’s home, she can contact you if there are any problems, or alternatively, you can call your grandparent or parent to ensure that everything is okay, and this gives you peace of mind.

5) Medication Reminders for a Senior Citizen

When your loved one needs to take medication for a heart condition or other medical problem, a caregiver can provide medication reminders. In addition to making sure that a senior citizen takes her medication at the right time, the caregiver can prevent your loved one from taking too much medication.

An older adult who is in pain or experiencing dementia may become confused about the correct times or amounts of medication to take.

Senior Healthy Meal Planning

6) Receiving Nutritious Meals

If your loved one isn’t feeling her best, then she may rely on poor-quality foods such as baked goods or frozen dinners. A benefit from senior companionship services is that the caregiver can cook a nutritious meal that includes tasty fresh or cooked vegetables, tender low-fat meat and delicious fruit for dessert.

Eating healthier foods can help a senior citizen to have a stronger body, faster recovery time and a better memory. Consuming the best foods in the right portions can also help a senior citizen to manage her weight or prevent cardiovascular disease.

7) Remaining Physically Active

While some senior citizens have restricted mobility due to a chronic condition or temporary injury, other individuals should remain physically active. An older adult who is home alone may not want to attempt any exercise because she is afraid about falling from a stationary bicycle or tripping on a treadmill.

However, physical exercise is vital for a senior citizen so that she has stronger bones that won’t break and better balance from flexible muscles. When a caregiver is nearby, a senior citizen can walk around her house, use a home gym or go outside into her garden without worrying about having no one to help her.

8) Reducing Stress

When a senior citizen has problems living on her own, she may feel stressed about moving into an assisted living environment. She might worry about giving up her prized possessions or finding a new home for her beloved pets.

Living in a nursing home is a huge adjustment that is highly stressful for some older adults who want to remain independent. In an assisted living environment, the senior citizen may live in a small apartment or a single room rather than having her spacious home with her belongings.

Having a caregiver at home instead can prevent any undue anxiety that can lead to other health difficulties for a senior citizen.

Seniors maintaining active lifestyles and hobbies

9) Longer Life Span

There are recent studies that reveal that senior citizens have longer life spans when they can remain in their own familiar homes near to their relatives, pets and possessions.

The study also shows that seniors who are socially isolated have a much greater risk of early death, regardless of any underlying health issues. This should be all the information you need to make sure that the loved ones in your life are getting the attention and care they need.

It also shows that in general, lonely people are prone to have more illnesses without a social support network of friends and family.

This is entirely preventable, and our seniors deserve better in their final years of life.

Hire Elderly Companion Services for Help

Allow your loved ones to take advantage of these benefits while you enjoy the freedom and minimal stress. We provide friendly and compassionate elderly companion services to families throughout the Santa Cruz, California area.

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