Caring for your Elderly Parents Living at Home

Your parents nurtured and raised you into a successful adult. Their work continues as grandparents to your children. Life couldn’t be more picturesque.

However, every person will age and deal with health issues later on in life. Your parents are no exception.

Turning to nursing homes and other options aren’t right for your family, however. You want a more intimate option.

Explore the numerous benefits of taking care of elderly parents at their home. In-home care-giving is possible with the help from local experts.

Challenges Facing Seniors at Home

Living on your own has never been questioned. You simply go about your daily tasks. As a senior, however, there are challenges that can be overwhelming.

Climbing stairs, taking a bath and cooking dinner are all difficult tasks at some point in life. Many grown children consider a move for their parents because of possible injuries in the home.

Elderly parents may also have health issues to consider.

Strokes, broken bones and other serious issues require extensive recovery times. Family members must take turns with caring for the parents, which can create stress among everyone involved.

Seniors shouldn’t have to choose between their home and a safe environment. They should be one and the same.

10 Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home

As our loved ones get older, they can sometimes need more help doing everyday activities. If someone in your life is showing any of these 10 signs, you should seriously considering hiring outside help.

Non-Medical Home Care Providers in California

Quick Tips for Taking Care of Elderly Parents

There are many things that can be done to make life much easier for seniors who choose to live at home as they age.

  • Prepare the house. There are several types of safety equipment to help them get around if they have mobility issues, which we will cover further in this article.
  • Take part in regular exercise. This keeps their muscles and mind sharp and in shape, as well as protects from disease and helps their bodies feel younger. Lack of exercise can result in several different physical and mental issues in seniors.
  • Protect yourself and those you love from rampant scams. Scammers are getting more prevalent and more aggressive than ever before. Often times, they pray on the elderly while pretending to be from the IRS, Medicare, or claiming that they owe for health bills.
  • Always provide their transportation. As we age, our eyesight, hearing, and reaction time generally decrease over time, making it a danger to everyone on the road.
  • Handle their finances. It can become increasingly difficult to keep track of spending and remembering to log transactions in the checkbook. Some people are prone to overspending due to lack of money management skills as well, which gets worse with age.
  • Keep them social. Get them out somewhere or just visit them in their home with friends and family. They will appreciate the company, have something to look forward to, and you will also be able to make sure everything is okay with them at home.

Outfitting the Home With Safety Gear

Families often turn to safety items installed at the property as they work with their elderly parents on staying within the home.

Grab bars, stairlifts and countless other items can be added to the home as safety measures.

These items are a good start to a household designed for seniors, but they cannot be the only solutions.

In-home caregivers should be your next consideration. These professionals can ensure that your parents are using the safety items as designed. They’ll also perform other duties that are only possible with a dedicated professional.

Grown children don’t have to worry about their parents with caregivers in the picture.

Worried About the Costs?

Get a free in home care consultation from our experts. We’ll work with you and go over the costs and services your family needs.

Considering an Senior In-Home Caregiver

Senior citizen home care services include in-home needs. Professionals arrive at the senior’s home every day.

They spend an allotted amount of time with the senior so that they’re in a comfortable environment when the caregiver leaves. Some services include night visits too.

Hiring any in-home caregiver starts with an evaluation of the senior’s needs. The professionals sit down with the family. They discuss every nuance of the senior’s day, from needs to independent talents.

With seniors dealing with a lot of perils in the home, including falls, hiring an in-home professional gives everyone peace of mind.

Taking Care of Elderly Parents

Covering the High-Cost Home Care Myth

The cost of in home care for the elderly isn’t as expensive as you might believe.

Sitting down with the professionals will help you with the cost factor. They can break down the price and any additional services necessary for the situation.

Your insurance might pay for part or all of the care. You can work with the in-home experts and the insurance company to verify these specific details.

If you’re still struggling to pay for the service, most in-home facilities can create a payment plan that works for you.

Every senior should have the opportunity to stay in the home if they desire.

Getting to Know Basic Home Care Services

The basic activities surrounding senior citizen home care services involve personal care, socializing and transportation.

Caregivers arrive at the home with a single initiative in mind: to put a smile on the person’s face. Seniors look forward to their time with their caregivers as they talk about grandchildren and fun experiences.

There might be a lunch that the senior wants to attend. The caregiver offers a safe ride to and from the location.

The social aspect is one of the most important parts of in-home care. A dedicated person visits with the senior each day. He or she takes care of the senior’s basic needs, including hair combing.

Feeling normal as a senior is the best gift any caregiver can provide.

Custom Care Plans – Just For You!

Take a look at our wide range of services to find the best fit for your family. Our care plans are catered to the particular needs of your family. No two families are the same!

Expanding these Care Services

Elder care options go further than just the social and personal-care aspects. There’s a lot more to a household than just those tasks. Children are welcome to expand the services to a few extra items, such as:

Light housekeeping

Preparing meals

Physical-therapy assistance

These services can always evolve too. Seniors will often have changing needs over the months and years. Your caregiver can alter elder care options so that there’s more transportation aide compared to meal preparation, for example.

The professionals tailor their services to your needs. You simply have to make your requests known.

Supporting Dementia Patients with In Home Caregivers

The cost of in home care for elderly patients may have prompted family members to take turns as caregivers. This situation is often found with dementia or Alzheimer’s patients. Family members don’t want to rely on a third party for care.

Supporting seniors with declining minds is incredibly tough. In-home experts are better equipped for these situations. They can keep up with the senior while working on memory skills at the same time. Some families use the time as respite care for elderly patients.

Balancing out family and in-home care is a great way to keep mom or dad safe and covered with their dementia or Alzheimer’s issues.

Discover dementia home care options available for your family.

Loved One with Dementia / Alzheimer’s?

Our professional caregivers are specially trained and love to help take care of seniors with dementia & Alzheimer’s.

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Improving Family Relationships with Less Stress

Families may love their aging parents, but emotions can run high without in-home caregiving as a supplemental option. Respite care for elderly patients allows the family to take a break from the stress and responsibility of caretaking.

The stress of caring for elderly parents in their home can sometimes feel overwhelming when you spend so much of your time tending to them, and that time continues to increase with their age.

Everyone needs some time to themselves. No one compromises the senior’s care at the same time either. There’s no guilt or resentment toward anyone.

In-home caregiving remains a priceless tool for families who want to support their aging parents. If mom and dad want to live at home, they should have an opportunity to do so.

In Home Care for Elderly Parents

Taking care of elderly parents in the comfort of their home is a community effort. Turn to the professionals at Pacific Angels Home Care for help with your day to day care activities.

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