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Assisted Living in Monterey County, CA

You can stay at home and have all the assisted living services in Monterey County, CA right at home. Pacific Angels Home Care provides home care services that make it possible to live at home safely. Our elderly care services in Monterey offer a wide scope of support that ensures your loved one is safe in their home.

Pacific Angels Home Care - Elderly Care Service Monterey, CA

Personal Home Care, Companionship and More

Our goal is to make life easier for the entire family. We ensure that our clients:

  • Get to appointments on time safely by providing transport services
  • Look and feel their best with personal care assistance
  • Eat healthy nutritious foods with meal planning, shopping and meal preparation help
  • Enjoy a safe home environment with our light housekeeping services
  • Have the companionship that they need to enjoy a good quality of life
  • Follow the doctor’s orders by assisting with range of motion exercises

In other words, we take care of your loved one like they are family. We know that not every senior needs our full-service package, but it is nice to know that it is there. Rest easy knowing that over time as more services are necessary, we can provide them. Whether you need 24 hour a day care for your loved one or you need a few hours every week, we can accommodate your needs.

Elderly Care Services Santa Cruz CA

The Goal

Our goals are simple, we want every client to feel safe, cared for and confident in the care that we provide. We want to forge a positive relationship with family members and be a resource that they can depend on for excellent care for their family member. We want to be able to help people to stay in their homes and enjoy life! Contact us to learn more!